Say Yay to Quality Content: Google Helps Content Creators Out

For all the content creators out there, it is quite the task to write something that passes the test of quality. Especially when Google has set the bar so high. The world’s largest search engine has always had a very clear stand – content first and user first. And to back their belief, they rolled out the first Google Panda update in 2011. This algorithm rewarded high-quality content websites with good rankings and weeded out those with subpar material pushing them to ranks so far low that businesses took a bad hit.

Considering that 93% of all online experiences begin with a search engine, it is vital that your content is somewhere near the top of the page. However, to climb up the ranks, do not write solely for the purpose of SEO, thereby compromising on the quality and putting your website at risk of being penalized. All published content should be relevant, reliable and of high quality – something that Google has reiterated time and again.

Google is also strictly against scraped content, thin content, low-quality user-generated content, high ad-to-content ratio, and using cheap tricks like cloaking, doorway passages, hidden redirects and more. For them, it’s customer first, not business first. So, remember that your topmost priority should be your audience when creating content.

Google algorithms also take into account other factors such as the bounce rates on your website. In layman terms, if a user stays on your website longer, it means that they are engaged and that is good news because they found the necessary information. However, if they leave the site without spending much time, that shows that they didn’t find anything of relevance.

If you’re looking for guidelines to ensure that your content gives your audience what they want, along with a top spot in Google’s search results, take a look at our infographic. A quick cheat sheet of do’s and don’ts, it will help you understand Google’s criteria for quality content and stay in the good books of this search engine giant.

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