Predicting 2019: Graphic Design Edition
2019 is just a couple of months old and given the rate at which new trends are emerging, one thing is more than apparent – it’s going to be a big year for design. Grabbing the attention of people is not easy, especially when they’re constantly bombarded by content from social media that they’re not impressed by anything less than the exemplary. Designers are doing all they can to stay relevant and staying abreast with the latest trends in designing is the first step in that direction.
Impactful Colours and Fonts

This year is all about standing out amid busy social media feeds, and that is exactly what designers are attempting to do with bold and intense colors and fonts. For all those of you thinking “Haven’t they always done that?”, well … yes. But the thing that people have stumbled upon this year is that a color need not be bright and in your face for it to grab attention; a vivid shade of coral is sometimes more impactful than a dazzling red, and every so often, a post dominated by bold typography goes a longer way than one having heavy and complex design elements.

Gradients Make a Grand Comeback

Gradients were HUGE a couple years back with everyone dabbling in them until one day they just…vanished. Well, this is the year they’re making a huge comeback, and it looks like they’re here to stay; and for good reason too. Gradients are a brilliant way to take a simple stock photo to the next level and make it look unique and complex, without being too cluttered. And designers who are fond of embracing minimalistic elements can use gradients to their advantage.

Curious about the rest of the trends set to take 2019 by storm? Check out the infographic below to discover what’ll be in vogue this year. Happy designing!

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