Trip Advisor

We created interesting and interactive posts to connect with Trip Advisor’s 6.5 million followers. Some of the most popular posts are the ones around the series that Trip Advisor started – ‘Why We Travel’. It featured testimonials from travel enthusiasts. We also shared ‘The Joy’ series of posts that described things people enjoy when travelling, like the joy of a freshly made bed!

Themes / Hashtags

We also helped Trip Advisor create concepts like ‘Don’t Miss This’ and ‘States of India’ that they could use as a running theme year in and year out (because you simply cannot run out of content for a country this vast!) These posts became crowd favorites, grabbing a lot of attention and engagement quickly. And if you want to know why, just take a look!

Don’t Miss This

In this concept, we talked about interesting facts about places from all over the country and stuff that you just can’t miss! For instance, the strange phenomenon that is the Magnetic Hill in Ladakh is a must-visit place if your travel plans point towards the land of high passes. The snow and the skies are lovely, but a little magnetic pull adds to the experience (did you see what we did there?). This concept was met with a lot of appreciation and boosted audience engagement with Trip Advisor’s page.

States of India

You’ve guessed it! This concept was all about the different states of India. But, (there’s always a but!) it’s not your regular run-of-the-mill posts that talked only about the already well-known facts. We mixed it up a little and threw in some lesser known trivia as well. After all, it’s not just the touristy things you want to experience when you travel. It’s always more special if you also explore the unexplored and that’s what this concept hoped to do – evoke curiosity among travelers.


To boost the engagement on Trip Advisor’s social media, a catchy contest was introduced. The contest was fun and simple. All participants had to do was show their love for the world’s largest travel site by striking a pose that looked like the letters ‘T’ & ‘A’ while holidaying in some scenic place. It was a huge success, and everybody was happy to be posing away in front of the camera.


Keeping in mind that viewers prefer videos over static posts, we also created a variety of videos –long, short, fun, fact-filled and more. From ‘4 Interesting Facts About the Golden Temple’ to ‘Top 10 Hotels in India’, and videos of the brand itself, the clips ranging from 60 seconds to 6 minutes all racked up quite the number of views!

Social Media Marketing

If you’re a traveller (and even if you aren’t), Trip Advisor is a name you’ve definitely heard. Their following worldwide is proof of their popularity. To keep the ball rolling, we stepped in and took up the challenge of doing wonders with their social media in India.

However, nothing comes easy. Although it was one of the most fun projects we’ve worked on, Trip Advisor was also one of the strictest clients we’ve ever had. They had a well-defined global protocol that we had to adhere to when creating posts, and there was little liberty we could take when it came to things like colors, fonts, or design styles.

The blinking owl animation we made won everyone’s heart!

But we were prepared, and not easily discouraged. All we had to do was fit our creativity within the parameters they had given us. Taking into account all the guidelines, we created plenty of posts that echoed the brand’s image and appealed to their audience who were free-spirited, fun-loving, and curious-minded.