Skin Alive 
Brand / Services

We wanted to give Skin Alive social media posts that were informative without being too serious,  vibrant without being flippant, and classy without being intimidating. Mission impossible, you say? Mission accomplished, we say.

New Launches

Our social media communication kept pace with all the packages, deals, and tie-ups that Skin Alive kept launching. From the mundane to the marvelous, every announcement was given a unique spin and presented to the audience.

Hair Affairs

Hair Affairs was a unique offering from Skin Alive and like everything else, we decided that the conventional tone simply wouldn’t do it justice. That’s why we created breezy social media posts that women of all ages could relate to. And it wasn’t too long before they trooped into the clinics to begin a long term ‘affair with their hair’!


When Skin Alive partnered with Bajaj Finserv to offer a more convenient payment option to their clients, we went all out to spread the news on social media. But, instead of boring people with the regular financial jargon, we designed a line up of unique posts that created quite a stir among our viewers. Who knew EMIs could be made so beautiful!


What’s Facebook and Insta unless you get people really going on these platforms, right? We ideated and launched several campaigns to expand the reach of posts. From event-centric campaigns to interactive posts to contests and quizzes, we used every tool in our arsenal to create a buzz.

My Work Life 

The #MyKindofWorkLife campaign invited enterprising women to work part time with Skin Alive. Our cleverly designed posts resonated with women from all walks of life and turned them into enthusiastic ambassadors for the brand.


Blushing bride? Check. Radiant skin? Check. Glossy images? Check. Appealing posts? Check. Viral on social media? Check. And tremendous response to the bridal packages offered by Skin Alive? Check. Check. Check.

Fun / Engagement Focused

Just because we use Facebook and Instagram for business doesn’t mean all our communication has to be business-like. We got serious work done, mind you, but we kept the tone fun, engaging, and endearing.


India is a land of festivals and occasions, and in the spirit of being polite and creative, we eschewed generic greetings and designed greetings that really put people in the festive spirit!

Social Media Marketing

After 22 years in the industry, Skin Alive figured it was time to step out of their comfort zone and into the digital world. In other words, it was time to be more ‘social’. Pun intended.

The brand needed an online presence worthy of its offline customer base. And we got straight down to giving them a (social) life. Second pun. Also intended!

If you thought medical science couldn’t be made fun and light-hearted, you haven’t seen our work yet.

We began by reviving (and revamping) their existing Facebook channel and creating one for Instagram as well. We launched monthly campaigns, hyped their in-clinic events, and highlighted their services.

Our challenge was to modernize Skin Alive and create an upbeat look that would speak to the younger audience without scaring them off with dermatological jargon. We went with posts that were modern and clean, with a subtle touch of craziness. Look at our portfolio, and you’ll see what we’re talking about.