Skin Alive

For starters, we hit refresh on the existing logo! Let’s just say, we jazzed it up a bit! After that, we took on the newsletters, name tags, and brand stationery with a vengeance!

We also updated those stale and medical looking brochures and posters and gave them a vibrant, young, and interactive look and feel.

Instead of going with the usual (read: boring) vouchers and standees, we decided to experiment. And boy, are we glad that we did.

Did you say emailers deserve to be in the spam? Look at ours and you wouldn’t dare!

Landing pages exist to serve one purpose: conversions! And boy did we ace that! Another cool thing (that you probably missed) is that every landing page caters to a specific set of target audience. Did we think this through or what?


Skin Alive has been offering expert dermatological skincare services for the past 22 years. And while they were busy giving facelifts to their clients, we decided to give their brand a facelift.

We started by establishing a comprehensive brand and style guide that was drawn from Skin Alive’s love for classic designs balanced with strong contemporary forms and finishes. Et voila! The rebirth of brand beauty in the form of standees, vouchers, brochures!

The challenge, however, was to maintain consistency across different verticles while maintaining a connect with a rather diverse target audience. But, as you can see, we aced it! Those 100 cups of coffee, countless hours of research and several heated brainstorming sessions paid off.

Got doubts? See for yourself!

They say beauty with brains is a killer combination. Skin Alive brought the beauty, we got the brains, and it was a match made in heaven!