Right Tap
Teaser / Launch: #SpeedItUp

Taking digs at poor and slow telephonic customer service, the launch campaign was a humourous and quirky way to tell our audience that they’d been living in the slow lane all this while and that RightTap had arrive to #SpeedItUp. The campaign was a huge hit, immediately endearing RightTap to their target audience.

Post Launch: #DoTheNew

Our next campaign was tied together using the hashtag #DoTheNew. The message was clear –  discard outdated practices and switch to the contemporary way of contacting customer service. Go from “the old school to new cool”.

App Promotions

The regular promotional post were bursting with vibrant and happy colors, but they served the important position of establishing RightTap’s position as the much-needed disruptor of the archaic customer service industry.

Social Media Marketing

RightTap was the silver lining in the form of an app for those who’ve had to endure long waiting time and annoying computerized voices in their attempt to reach customer care. Basically all of us at one point of time or another, right?

Dude … we found a way to make customer service interesting! Kudos to us.

Since customer care is a relatively dull sector, we shaped our pre-launch teasers, campaigns, and posts using vibrant and visually appealing colours. The tone was witty and rib-tickling but all communication carried one single message – there was a better (and less irritating way) to reach the customer service of a company, and it was being offered by RightTap.