Content Marketing

Ricoh, a technology leader, required international standards of content marketing. So, we gave our best, wrote various kinds of content, and marketed it to the targeted audience, letting the quality of the content act as the flag bearer of this global corporation.

The biggest challenge for us was to familiarize ourselves with the technical products, jargon, and processes in order to do justice to our writing and marketing efforts. Ricoh, being a supportive client, arranged for numerous training sessions and meetings for us.

Eventually, filled to the brim with fresh knowledge about the IT sector and its various products, we were able to create content that resonated with consumers and industry experts alike. From infographics, multi-media presentations, guest blogs to in-house communication, we were eventually able to nail it all!!

Technology has never looked this appealing before, has it? Never mind the hours of technical training we had to undergo to pretend like we knew it all. Versatility, thy name is Invictus!