Teasers / Launch

The teaser and launch campaign for Ninkasi reflected the essence of the Sumerian era. The posts reflected the stature of the ancient goddess and appealed to the hearts of cerevisaphiles. (That word means ‘devotee of beer’. Didn’t know that, did you? You can thank us later!)

Post Launch

Post launch, the social media promotion and marketing reinforced the old world mystery of the ancient Sumerian period we had established earlier. With our creative juices flowing overtime (thanks to the generous supply of superb beer), we were able to translate our love for all things malty and meaty into all things content and design.

Offers / Events

For various events and offers held by Ninkasi, brochures and pamphlets were designed keeping in mind the chic vibe of the restaurant. From belly dancing nights to weekend seafood buffets, the foodie within us took center stage and created marketing collaterals that were as delicious as the food and beer we were gorging on in the restaurant.

Magazine Ads

For print media promotion, we designed ads and articles highlighting the in-house flavours of Ninkasi. The designs brought together the aesthetics of two different eras and were received very well by the audience.

Social Media Marketing

Named after the Sumerian Goddess of beer, Ninkasi – a  microbrewery in Gurgaon marries old world vibes and modern aesthetics beautifully. With a wide range of in-house brews that had beer lovers descending in hordes to the restaurant, Ninkasi also had a delicious menu to complement the drinks being served.

We loved the project ‘cuz it brought the two loves of our lives together – Beer & Poetry. No wonder we did so darn well!