Karbonn Mobiles

To surpass the roadblocks created by a highly competitive market and similar features, we added a spin to their social media to help their products stand out and have that wow factor!


‘Customers maketh Brand’ is something that Karbonn understands well. We did a lot of posts drawing attention to the brand’s interactions with their customers, extensive service centres, and customer appeasement strategy. And, we also managed to keep it fun!


To build relationships with the audience, we put our best ‘meme-and-pop-culture’ foot forward. In other words, we really slayed it on various social and festive occasions!


To match up to Karbonn’s rate of innovation, we did aggressive, interactive and fun campaigns that bought in a lot of engagement!

Social Media Marketing

Karbonn Mobiles was one of the most challenging and fun projects for us. Already a well-established Indian mobile brand, we further boost their popularity and reach by building and promoting their online presence .

We busted our ass, racked our brains, and emptied our creative resources to create Karbonn’s social media strategy. And their tripled social media engagements show that we really stepped up to the challenge!

To match their level of product innovation and competitive product features, we stepped up our social media planning and execution. We came up with innovative concepts and campaigns and used classy designs and easy communication to ensure that the social media posts vibed with our target audience