Golfer's Shot
Brand Positioning

Would you still worry about the name tag when you’ve got stellar quality on your side? Golfer’s Shot didn’t think so. We positioned the brand as a great blend that whiskey-lovers would enjoy, that too without having to burn a hole in their pockets.

Direct Promotion

Seedhi baat, no bakwas! Enough said.

Campaigns / Contests

What’s the one thing common between whiskey and social media? They’re both meant to be entertaining! That’s why we kept the campaigns and the contests fun, casual, and lighthearted, so that they would vibe well with the masses.

Pop Culture / Whiskeypedia

Nothing we do is mainstream, but you obviously know that by now! And thus was born Whiskeypedia – our version of Wikipedia for whiskey lovers, filled with facts, trivia, tips, tricks and all sorts of gyaan that lovers of all this amber-hued alcohol would love to flaunt.

Social Media Marketing

If we had to describe Golfer’s Shot in one line, it would be ‘Well Made But Not Well Known’. This small, but mighty, brand is trying to hold its own against the big shots of the industry and vying for the love and adulation of whisky drinkers of the country.

Fueled by our love for whiskey, our creativity woke up, flexed its muscles, and got down to the job, intent on pushing this brand to the heights of success.

When you’re contending with heavyweight brands, sometimes a light hearted approach works best. And, sprinkled with a generous dose of humor, the posts on Golfer’s Shot started to get plenty of eyeballs. And love.