Chanderpur Group

We refreshed their logo and stationery – added a little bit of colour and some character!

We made a mammoth multimedia corporate presentations for them covering all the verticals of the company. Each vertical had its own unique look and personality, thanks to which CPG ended up impressing a lot of other corporate bigwigs.

We also wrote and designed Brochures, Newsletters & Infographics for CPG. The visual communication followed the new, refreshing look and tone established for the company. As you can see, there’s nothing that we don’t do, and do it so well!

That’s not all! We were also involved in making their product presentations and we managed to ace it even though we had an outsider’s knowledge of the industry. Can you see us patting ourselves on the back?


Chanderpur Group is an engineering and services company that provides equipment and machinery to cement plants. They also won the National Award for Excellency in Manufacturing in 2010, making them pretty well-known within the industry. We have cool clients, and that reflects how we are as well!

As the company completed its 50th year, we decided to jazz up the brand’s look. Because why look old when you can reinvent yourself with style?

Our brilliant branding brought CPG up to date with the latest design trends and international standards, allowing the company to expand into global markets with confidence.

It was quite the project. Did we pull it off? See for yourself!

How do you talk about technical stuff without throwing in jargon? It’s not easy, but it isn’t impossible either.