Content Marketing

Applesutra is India’s first and only blog dedicated to providing the freshest news about Apple products. Here, you’ll find everything that would tickle a fanboy’s heart – from product launches to reviews to the best places to buy secondhand products (because it’s a tough life and we do what we gotta do for that apple swag!).

Our biggest challenge with AppleSutra was taking it away from the done and overdone templates of the other blogs in the industry. We were carefully to steer the tonality away from  hard-to-swallow jargon and replace dry writing with witty and conversational content pieces.

Our signature language shone through in the editorials, emailers, infographics and ebooks,  giving the content an uniquely desi perspective, while still keeping it informative. It was a hard balance to achieve, but we’re no stranger to the tightrope walk, and glided through it beautifully!

Unboxing the iPhone 8 was huge fun, except our model forgetting to paint her nails…oops!