Gully Boy: Selling Out Theatres, Cabs, Plane Tickets, Groceries & What Not
gully boy marketing

Given how centric human emotion is to advertising, it can easily be said that a copywriter draws inspiration from anywhere and everywhere. A couple bickering about who’s going to cook dinner that day? Inspiration for an ad for a food delivery app. Two women cribbing about their body hair problems in the metro? Just the insight we needed for a new hair removal cream. And when Gully boy hit the theatres near you? Well, most people would see a movie (literally and metaphorically), but brands and copywriters saw an advertising opportunity. And boy o boy, have they capitalized on this one or what!

Wraps from Every Gully, Boy

Let’s be real, Zomato always delivers (pun intended) and that’s exactly what they did with this beautifully done ad. Drawing inspiration from the movie Gully Boy, they went with a simple copy that reads ‘Wraps from every gully, boy’ with a supporting copy stating ‘Divine food delivered with raftaar’ presented in their usual minimalistic template of white text on a2 red background with no design elements whatsoever.


In a fantastic campaign, Ola is making the most of user-generated content and we’re living for it. To celebrate the movie and what it’s doing for rap music in India, Ola put out a short video of Ranveer Singh inviting all aspiring rappers to send in a video of them rapping in an Ola Cab using the phrase ‘Gully Gully Ola’. The prize? A chance to meet Gully Boy himself, and an opportunity to showcase their talent. And, as you can imagine, this campaign has definitely gained some traction with submissions pouring in from all over the country. Nice going, Ola!

Ads in Every Gully, Boy

Zomato and Ola aren’t the only ones on this bandwagon what with everyone trying to get what they can out of this before the buzz fizzles out. Big Bazaar collaborated with Emiway Bantai, an Indian rapper, to create a rap video promoting their ‘Sabse Saste 5 Din’ sale, and it was pretty on point. ixigo too jumped aboard that train (quite literally) with a video titled #TrainMeinSwag. An ode to the Indian middle-class train experience, the video features a catchy rap that’ll be stuck in your head for days.

It’s clear that brands are keeping a watchful eye on the latest trends and looping them into their communication. Advertisement and pop culture have a relationship that goes way back. And whether it is Amul’s amazing spin on the movie ‘Sanju’ to show the versatility of their butter with a copy reading ‘One Butter, Many Dishes’ or the many ads inspired by the world record egg, one thing is clear – incorporating trending topic in advertising works. They pique everyone’s interest, get the engagement, and are more likely to be shared than your everyday ads.

The final verdict? There are definitely pros and cons to the concept of trend-driven advertising, but if we were to vote for one camp, it would definitely be to keep on it. Yes, there are problems – brands look like they’re copying each other or the slew of trend-driven ads look repetitive or even monotonous – but in most cases, these trends make for lucrative opportunities for those who manage to tap into them effectively. So, for all the brands out there – may the advertising gods be ever in your favor, and to everyone reading this blog, tell us what you liked better – the movie or the ads it has inspired.

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