Are You Making These Infographic Mistakes? Yes? Then Fix Them

In the digital world, visual content rules. And infographics – that beautiful love child of content and design – have become a crucial part of the content marketing strategy. In the past few years, there’s been a growth of 800% in the search for infographics on Google. And why not? They’re eye-catching. They drive traffic. They build links. They promote brand awareness. Ask any digital marketer and he’ll tell you that infographics are the complete package.

However, creating infographics is not that easy. If not done right, your effort can be lost in the dark corners of the internet – ignored and forgotten. To avoid this lousy fate, your infographic needs to be perfect at all three stages –  planning, writing, and designing. And we’re sharing a few tips on how to crack all three phases competently:

  1. Planning: If your storytelling skill isn’t right, you lose the interest of your audience. Hence, plan and lay out the infographic properly. Create an outline and organise the core idea and sub-points in a way that the audience can navigate through the content easily without getting confused.
  2. Writing: When you have identified the core idea, it’s time to pen down the content. Be very simple and straightforward when it comes to language. No flowery words or unnecessary explanation is needed for an infographic. Trim the fluff and keep things crisp, to-the-point, and informative
  3. Designing: Finally comes the designing stage of your infographic. This is where you connect the first two dots – planning and writing. The things that you were not able to convey clearly at the writing stage can be supported by smart visuals at this stage. But be wary of getting carried away and using too many design elements just for the heck of it. This can ruin the effort you made in the first two stages.

The success of your content marketing effort can ride on how well your infographics are designed. If you’re able to nail these three crucial stages of creating an infographic, you stand a good chance of reaping the benefits of your efforts.

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