Content Marketing Trends 2019: Infographic 

As content marketing continues to be a go-to digital marketing strategy, the brands are merrily embracing the idea of content creation through storytelling. Which also means that the competitive landscape on digital platforms is changing or, should we say, evolving at an equally fast pace.

It’s 2019 already. If your brand is considering content marketing, or you’ve already kicked off your efforts, you must keep an eye on the latest trends in this field to adapt your strategy and keep it current. After all, the best marketing is the kind that keeps pace with the times and reflects the demands of the audience.

Here are three content trends that we believe should influence your content marketing strategy in this new year.

Be Authentic

There’s so much fake news and obviously ‘sale-sy’ marketing out there that customers are desperately looking for brands they can trust. And when they find one, they won’t mind rewarding the brand with their loyalty. The equation is simple: Authenticity inspire trust, which finally gets you lead generation. So give marketing a skip and focus on building a relationship with your audience and adding a value to their lives.

Invest in Good Content

As search engines reward longer articles in result rankings, readers see these as more trustworthy resources and apparently spent 40% more of their time on them. In fact, Google’s top 10 search results tend to be of more than 2000 words. To encash on this trend, brands need to invest in high-quality content creation. Not only will it be favoured by search engines and readers, it will also go towards demonstrating authority on the subject.

Make Your Outgoing Communication Less Salesy

With about 2.8 billion people worldwide using email as a digital communications tool, most of the brands and business are naturally inclined toward email marketing. It’s the perfect way to blast sales driven message – new arrivals, special discount, brand news – to their audience. But, after witnessing unsubscription rate as high as 75% to such sale-sy emails, brands need to reconsider the communication they’re sending out. and make it more personal and interactive. Instead of hardcore, in-your-face marketing, they need to adopt a softer, gentler approach, and bring back the human element to emailers again.

To know a bit more about that you can do to take your content marketing strategy to the next level this year, read the complete infographic –  What’s Your Content Marketing Strategy in 2019? – given below.

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